A custom built camera was sent into low orbital space to serendipitously explore.

Its findings were recorded on photographic film before beginning its journey back to earth.

Edition of 5
8ft x 6ft C-Type Print
Custom sizes available
Fugi Flex Paper

Inside Out

35mm photographic film was eaten, digested, cleaned, and fixed.

The bumps, scratches, and marks left on the damaged emulsion surface from our bodies were examined through a scanning electron microscope. (w/ Luke Evans)

Edition of 5
72" x 48" C-Type Print
Kodak Professional Metallic Paper
Part of the Saatchi Collection for
NEW ORDER III exhibition.


A film that challenges preconceived
ideas about pole-dancing.

With thanks to: Alexe Woods & the
London Academy of Pole Dancing

Bowling Ball Stool

A modified use of a bowling ball, using it's pre-existing finger holes to accept three detachable legs. (w/ Oliver Long)

Made-to-order online-
store coming soon

A Portrait of a Boxer

A professional boxer puts blood, sweat and tears into his live nine round fight against an aluminium punch bag. The three elements act as physical memories of the fight.

Element I : Aluminium punch bag
Element II : Print detailing a section of synthetic fabric as it reacts to the boxer’s sweat. The results were later examined under an electron microscope.
Element III : Audio file documenting the sporadic breathing pace and physical exertion of the fight.

2014, Installation
0.5mm Aluminium Punch Bag
54" x 54" C-Type Fuji Matt
36:00 Audio
With thanks to:
Abs Khalid Valentino

Children's Furniture

We explored the untainted imagination
of a child.

A class of 7-8 year olds drew their version of a chair, we made them into reality.

2013 (Ongoing Series)
Various Materials
With thanks to: St. John's Primary
School, Kingston, London.

100 Faces

"Show the true emotion of Film"
(D&AD - DCM)

How do you show the emotion of film,
when everyone in the audience responds differently? We filmed each person’s individual reaction to the same moment.
We then compiled these into one image
(w/ John Ingle & Jack Beveridge)

D&AD Best of Year
(Ident) 00:25
(Directors Cut) 2:01


Capturing a moment of no return, the tipping point between the normal and euphoric.

This is a sincere documentation of the moments before, during, and after an orgasm.

Edition of 5
1189mm x 851mm C-Type Print
Fugiflex Paper


A new way of giving flowers to each other.

The vacuum packed flowers remain in perfect condition once received. The air tight container also increases their aroma.
(w/ Francis North)

Various Sizes
Flowers, Vacuum Pack, Vinyl
Soon to be in production


This shared chair is about a relationship.

I recorded a piece of audio between two people in a relationship. The soundwave from this recording informed the line will be laser cut into a solid tree stump.

Similar to an egg shell, the chair will fit perfectly back together once apart.

(Prototype) 2014
Ongoing Experiment & Series


I record people thinking about Death, Laughter and Dream.

An eye tracker followed the path of the subjects gaze when each participent was asked to think about Death, Laughter and Dream.

Edition of 5
6ft x 4ft C-Type Print
Kodak Professional Metallic Paper


Ongoing series of landscapes.

Edition of 5
6ft x 5ft C-Type Print
Kodak Professional Metallic Paper


At which point does a somebody become a nobody?

Edition of 5
500mm x 500mm
Fugiflex Paper


An aluminium sheet was repeatedly punched by human hands for 36 minutes.

Test. 1
2.5 x 1.5 Meters
0.5 Aluminum, 1 human