The Disadvantages of Moving Yourself

moving boxes and bubble wraps

There is an abundance of cheap moving companies, so it is a wonder why some people would still choose to burden themselves with the herculean task of moving alone. Hiring movers may cost a little bit more, but sometimes, you just have to pay the price for the sake of convenience. Choosing to move solo without professional support can be a money drain in the long run. Read on to see how moving yourself can be more of a miscalculation than a money saver.

Result in Debilitating Injuries

Carrying a heavy book bag is already burdensome and painful for the back. Imagine helping your mom move without any professional assistance. It is literally back-breaking to lift all those heavy appliances. Moving is a physically strenuous job, making your muscles sore and your joints ache. There is a proper way of lifting heavy items, and if you’re not aware of them, then say hello to a slipped disc. Sustaining such a severe back injury can snowball into other medical issues. All it takes is one wrong move and your spine is forever compromised. A professional moving team has training on physical safety, so pay the small premium and secure your health.

Lead to Property Damage

Some items are high in monetary value like your desktop computer, smart TV, and refrigerator. Other pieces are treasures that you’re saving for sentimental reasons. This could be a sculpture by your late-mother or a framed painting by your brother. Amateur movers like you do not have the equipment and experience on how to safely pack, steadily handle, and securely transport your precious cargo to the next destination. Aside from the cargo itself, damage can be done to walls or door frames while moving is in progress. Save yourself the unnecessary loss and expense by hiring a professional with the right tools and skills to get the job done. 

Waste of Precious Time

Because you don’t have the expertise in moving, you pack items slowly and waste precious time. On top of that, it adds pressure to your already busy life causing undue stress. It is a misconception to think that moving is easy; it is anything but that. On the day itself, many unexpected things happen that wreck your best-laid plans. Boxes rip, tires get flat, and friends, who promised to help, don’t show up. As a result, there are scheduling delays; and before you know it, the day is about to end. Do away with the additional wrinkles and white hair by calling the professionals. 

Risk of Lacking Insurance

A dangerous pitfall of moving solo is the lack of insurance protection. Properties can get damaged, just as people can get injured. A moving company is insured for such liabilities, so you can get compensation should something happen. Reconsider moving in DIY style because it is not a risk worth taking.

Many people use cost as an excuse to not hire a moving company. However, keep in mind that there are instances that make this decision even more expensive than the actual professional option. Save yourself the hassle and let the experts do the heavy lifting. 

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